Verona - Sport


The town has two professional football teams. Historically, the city's major team has been Hellas Verona, who is now in the second division of Italian football, Serie B. The other team, Chievo Verona, is currently playing in Serie A. Hellas Verona won Italian Championship in 1984/1985 entering the European Cup the following year.

Verona has a volleyball major team named Marmi Lanza Verona, now in Serie A1, a rugby team named Franklin and Marshall Cus Verona Rugby, now in Serie A1 and a basketball team named Scaligera Basket, now in Legadue.

Verona has hosted the Football World Cup in 1990; has twice hosted the UCI Road World Championships, in 1999 (co-hosted with Treviso) and 2004. Verona has also hosted the baseball world cup in 2009 and the Volleyball World Cup in September–October 2010.

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