Vera Mukhina - Honours and Legacy

Honours and Legacy

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  • Stalin Prizes
first class (1941) - for the sculptural group "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" at the Agricultural Exhibition (1937);
second class (1943) - a sculptural portraits of Colonels BA Yusupov and IL Khizhnyak (1942);
first class (1946) - a sculptural portrait of Krylov;
second class (1951) - for the sculptural group "We demand peace!" (Et al);
first class (1952) - a monument to Maxim Gorky in Moscow;
  • People's Artist of the USSR (1943);
  • Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1938);
  • Order of the Badge of Honour (1945);
  • Order "Citizenship Award" (Bulgaria)
  • One of streets in the town Klin, Moscow Oblast in honor of sculptor named Vera Ðœukhina Street.
  • The Museum of Vera Mukhina was established in Feodosiya, Crimea, Ukraine in 1985. The museum sanctified to childhood, to youth and to artwork of famous sculptor.

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