VE, Ve or ve may refer to:

  • Vili and Vé, gods in Norse mythology
  • Vé (shrine), a shrine in Germanic paganism and modern place name element
  • Ve (Cyrillic), a character from the Cyrillic alphabet
  • Ve (Arabic), a character of the Arabic alphabet
  • Vè, a Vietnamese poetic form
  • Ve (pronoun), a proposed gender-neutral pronoun
  • 've, a contraction of the English auxiliary verb have

In codes and acronyms:

  • Venezuela, ISO, FIPS 10-4, and NATO (obsolete) country code VE, Internet TLD .ve
  • VE (nerve agent) (NATO designation), a chemical weapon agent
  • VE, Viliuisk Encephalomyelitis
  • V-E Day, Victory in Europe Day
  • Venda language, ISO 639 alpha-2, ve
  • Vertical exaggeration, a vertical scaling used in technical diagrams
  • Visalia Electric Railroad, reporting marks VE
  • EUjet, IATA airline designator
  • Avensa, IATA airline designator
  • Volare Airlines, IATA airline designator
  • Volcanic Explosivity Index, VE
  • Volumetric efficiency
  • VE, Amateur Radio call sign prefix for Canada (e.g. VE1RMG)
  • VE, Amateur Radio: Volunteer Examiner Coordinator
  • vocational expert
  • VE, vinyl ester resin
  • Holden VE Commodore, the fourteenth model of the Holden Commodore, a full-size rear wheel drive car produced by GM Australia
  • Virtual environment (VE), a primary component of a Virtual Reality system
  • Virtual Earth
  • Valley Entertainment, a U.S. record label and music distributor

In science:

  • VE denotes the Minute ventilation of the lungs (the volume of air expired by the lungs in one minute).
  • +ve or -ve, positive or negative

In popular culture:

  • Venus Envy (VE), the popular webcomic
  • Viva Emptiness