VC may refer to:

  • Vanadium carbide, an inorganic compound
  • Vancouver Canucks, a NHL hockey team
  • Vanier College
  • Vassar College
  • Vehicle code, a motor vehicle traffic legal system
  • Venture capital (or venture capitalist), the financing of growing businesses
  • Versus Christus, a reference to the Antichrist
  • Vice chairman, the second chairman of a board or committee
  • Vice-Chancellor, the chief executive of a university
  • Victoria Cross, the highest British and Commonwealth award for valour in the face of the enemy
  • Viet Cong, a military group allied with North Vietnam and opposed to South Vietnam and the United States during the Vietnam war
  • Vigilance committee
  • Vince Carter, a National Basketball Association player with the Phoenix Suns
  • Vinyl chloride, a chemical used in the production of PVC
  • Violoncello (usually abbreviated to cello), a bowed stringed instrument
  • Virginia College
  • Virtual Console, a Nintendo video game download service for the Wii, 3DS, and Wii U game consoles
  • Visual Composer, a modeling tool
  • Visual cryptography
  • Vitamin C, an essential nutrient
  • Voluntary controlled school

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