Varig Flight 254 - Summary - Aftermath


Two days later, four of the survivors decided to try to walk and look for help. After about two, or three hours of walking in the jungle, a group led by Alfonso Saraiva found the house of the Curunaré farm, in São José do Xingu. That farm had no radio, so they were taken by car to another farm, Serrão da Prata, at 12:30, Tuesday. With the help of radio operator João Capanema Jr., they were able to contact Franca Airport (Franca is a city 400 km north of São Paulo), and at 16:27 of that Tuesday, an EMB Bandeirante airplane from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) dropped food packages over the wreckage. By 12:00 Wednesday, all survivors had been rescued by FAB.

About 41 survivors were rescued from the crash site by helicopter which flew them 30 miles to São José do Xingu, and from there they were flown by Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante turboprop planes to Cachimbo Airport 185 miles to the northwest. They were then flown later to Brasilia Base Hospital near Brasilia.

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