Varick Park

Varick Park was an athletic complex located in Manchester, New Hampshire, from 1895 until 1913. It was constructed by local businessman Thomas Varick on land owned by the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, partially on the site formerly occupied by a minor-league baseball park, the Beech Street Grounds. Consisting of a bicycle track, a baseball diamond, and two covered wooden grandstands (one for men, the other for men and women both), the park also hosted track-and-field events, football and soccer games, and outdoor events for the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company. From 1895–1899 and 1901–1906, the park was home to a minor-league baseball team in the New England League.

In 1913, the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company constructed a new concrete and steel grandstand, Textile Field (now known as Gill Stadium), on the site for Manchester's new Manufacturers' Baseball League.

Coordinates: 42°58′55″N 71°27′15″W / 42.98194°N 71.45417°W / 42.98194; -71.45417

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