Varang Kshiti

Varang Kshiti is a syllabic alphabet invented by Lako Bodra, used in primary and adult education and in various publications. It is used to write Ho, a language used in the Indian states of Bihar and Orissa.

Community leader Lako Bodra invented it as an alternative to the writing systems devised by Christian missionaries. He claims that the alphabet was invented in the 13th century by Dhawan Turi, and that it was rediscovered in a shamanistic vision and modernized by Bodra.

Bodra authorized the following books in Varang Kshiti:

  1. Ela Al Etu Uta
  2. Sala Sule Sagen
  3. Ba Buru Bonga Buru
  4. Pompo
  5. Sahar Hora (8 Volumes)
  6. Raghu Vansha
  7. Hitahasa
  8. Bakana
  9. Aida Hola Sevasala
  10. Pitika
  11. Kol Rule

The script begins with the letter Om, the first sound for the creation of the universe and has 32 letters in total with capital and small letters. It is written from left to right in horizontal lines, and each consonant has an inherent vowel, usually /a/ but sometimes /o/ or /e/.