Validation may refer to:

  • Verification and validation, in engineering,` confirming that a product or service meets the needs of its users
  • Verification and validation (software), checking that a software system meets specifications and fulfills its intended purpose
  • Validation of foreign studies and degrees, processes for transferring educational credentials between countries
  • Validation (drug manufacture), documenting that a process or system meets its pre-determined specifications and quality attributes
  • Data validation, in computer science, ensuring that data inserted into an application satisfies defined formats and other input criteria
  • Regression model validation, in statistics, determining whether a model fits the data well
  • XML validation, the process of checking a document written in XML to confirm that it both is "well-formed" and follows a defined structure
  • Social validation, compliance in a social activity to fit in and be part of the majority
  • the validation of a analytical test method, to show that it is suitable for the purpose it is used