Utica may refer to:

  • Utica, Tunisia, a Phoenician colony, on the African coast, near Carthage
  • Ăštica, a Colombian village in Cundinamarca
  • Utica Shale, a rock layer of shale underneath the state of New York and in the subsurface in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario
In the United States
  • Utica, New York, the most populous city named "Utica"
  • North Utica, Illinois, usually called "Utica, Illinois"
  • Utica, Indiana
  • Utica, Kansas
  • Utica, Kentucky
  • Utica, Michigan
  • Utica, Minnesota
  • Utica, Mississippi
  • Utica, Missouri
  • Utica, Nebraska
  • Utica, Ohio, in Licking County on the Knox County line
  • Utica, Warren County, Ohio
  • Utica, Oklahoma
  • Utica, Pennsylvania
  • Utica, South Carolina
  • Utica, South Dakota
  • Utica, Crawford County, Wisconsin, a town of which Fairview, Pine Knob, Rising Sun, and Towerville are a part
  • Utica, Dane County, Wisconsin, a part of the town of Christiana
  • Utica, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, a town of which Elo, Fisk, and Pickett are a part