Uralic Languages - Classification of Languages

Classification of Languages

Relative numbers of speakers of Uralic languages
Hungarian 56%
Finnish 20%
Estonian 4.2%
Erzya 2.8%
Moksha 2.5%
Mari 2%
Udmurt 1.9%
Komi 1.6%
Other 8.9%

The Uralic family currently comprises nine undisputed language groups. These are not necessarily primary branches of Uralic, but there is no consensus classification. (Some of the proposals are listed in the next section.) Obsolete names are displayed in italics.

  • Finnic (Fennic, Baltic Finnic, Balto-Finnic, Balto-Fennic)
  • Hungarian (Magyar)
  • Khanty (Ostyak, Handi, Hantõ)
  • Mansi (Vogul)
  • Mari (Cheremis)
  • Mordvinic (Mordvin, Mordvinian)
  • Permic (Permian)
  • Sami (Samic, Saamic, Lappic, Lappish)
  • Samoyedic (Samoyed)

There is also historical evidence of a number of extinct languages of uncertain affiliation:

  • Merya
  • Muromian
  • Meshcherian (until 16th century?)

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