Universidad de Manila

The Universidad de Manila (UdM) (formerly known as City College of Manila and also known as Gat Andrés Bonifacio University) is a public university in Manila, Philippines. It is one of the two city-funded universities of Manila,

The main campus of Universidad De Manila, which houses the Administration Building of the Division of City Schools-Manila, is at the heart of the Mehan Garden adjacent to the Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila City Library and the Light Rail Transit Central Terminal.

Apart from its main campus, the university maintains satellite centers in many parts of the City of Manila such as Escolta, Recto, Del Pan, San Andres, Dapitan and Tayuman.

The university's original name is City College of Manila (CCM). In 2007, when Alfredo Lim was re-elected as mayor, he reverted UDM to its original name; a few months into office, he renamed it Universidad De Manila.

The founder of the university, Mayor Alfredo Lim, said that the "egalitarian UDM complements the elite PLM. For its part, the City College delivers practical education to average student."

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