Unification Church

Unification Church

The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity is a new religious movement founded in South Korea in 1954 by the late Sun Myung Moon. It is more commonly known as the Unification Church. Since its inception, the church has expanded to most nations of the world, with an uncertain number of members.

Unification Church beliefs are based on the Bible and are explained in the church's textbook, Divine Principle. The Blessing ceremony of the Unification Church, a wedding or marriage rededication ceremony, is a church practice which has attracted wide public attention. The Unification Church has engaged in interfaith activities with other religions, including mainstream Christianity and Islam, despite theological differences.

The Unification Church has sponsored many organizations and projects over the years; including businesses, news media, projects in education and the arts, and political and social activism. It has a large 'megachurch' in Seoul, Korea and Peace Island in Liberia, which is the site of the New Hope Academy. The church was led by Moon until his death on September 3, 2012, at which time, it was reported that his wife Hak Ja Han and their sons Hyung Jin Moon and Kook Jin Moon would assume the leadership of the church.

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