Ungerer is a surname and may refer to:

  • Alfred Ungerer (1861-1933), tower clock industrial
  • Théodore Ungerer, (189...-1935), tower clock industrial, son of Alfred
  • Tomi Ungerer (born 1931), a French illustrator, son of Théodore. A museum is dedicated to him in his hometown Strasbourg, the Musée Tomi Ungerer/Centre international de l’illustration.
  • Werner Ungerer (born 1927), German diplomat, rector of the College of Europe
  • Hilarios Karl-Heinz Ungerer German Bishop
  • Joe Ungerer (born 1916), American football player
  • Soné Ungerer (born 1983), South African geneticist and avid tennis player

Two Ungerer brothers assisted Jean-Baptiste Schwilgué (1776-1856) in the construction of the third Strasbourg astronomical clock.