Ukrainian Railways

Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian: Укрзалізниця), also known as Ukrainian Railways, is the State Administration of Railroad Transportation in Ukraine, a monopoly that controls vast majority of the railroad transportation in the country with a combined total length of track of over 23,000 km, which makes the Ukrainian railroad network the 14th largest in the world. Ukrzaliznytsia is also the world's 6th largest rail passenger transporter and world's 7th largest freight transporter.

State Administration of Railroad Transportation is subordinated to the Ministry of Infrastructure, administering the railways through the 6 territorial railway companies, which in turn immediately control and provide of all aspects of the railroad transportation and maintenance in a unified way under the common Ukrzaliznytsia brand. The general director of the administration is appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The administration employs over 403,000 people through all regions of the country.

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