Ue may refer to:

  • Ue (digraph), a digraph used in some writing systems. Its variant Ü is a letter representing a vowel in the Estonian, German, Hungarian, and Turkish alphabets, and in pinyin
  • Ue (Cyrillic), letter in many Asian languages
  • Ue people, a tribe from the Centre Province, Cameroon

UE can be an abbreviation for:

  • European Union, in some languages like French, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Italian etc.
  • U.E. (TV series), 2006 Russian thriller/detective TV-miniseries
  • Ultimate Elektra, a four-issue comic book mini-series
  • United Empire Loyalists, post-nominal letters for the only hereditary title of Canada
  • "Universe Estimate", a Nielsen Media Research term
  • Upper extremity, an arm
  • Urban exploration
  • User equipment, a standardized term used in 3G telecommunications systems
  • User experience design
  • Unemployed
  • Unbiased estimator in statistics


  • Transeuropean Airlines, IATA airline designator
  • Union Electric Company, a defunct utility
  • United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America, a trade union
  • Universal Edition, a music publisher

In software:

  • UltraEdit, a software text editor for Microsoft Windows
  • Unreal Engine, a widely-used 3D game engine developed by Epic Games

In education:

  • University of Edinburgh, a university in Scotland
  • University of Exeter, a university in England
  • University of the East, a university in the Philippines
  • University of Evansville, a university in Indiana, United States
  • University Explained, a website on applying to university
  • University of Education, a public sector university of Pakistan in the field of Education and Sciences..
  • University Entrance, a examination or standard of achievement taken by senior New Zealand high school students
  • Use of English, a popular subject in the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination