UD may refer to:

In education:

  • University of Dallas, a Catholic university in Texas
  • University of Dammam, a Saudi university in Dammam, Eastern region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • University of Dayton, a university in Ohio
  • University of Delaware, a university in Delaware
  • University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy, a Catholic secondary school in Michigan
  • University of Detroit Mercy, a Catholic university in Michigan
  • University of Dublin, a university in the Republic of Ireland
  • University of Dubuque, a Presbyterian university in Iowa
  • University of Durham, a university in the United Kingdom


  • UD Trucks, a Japanese truck manufacturer
  • United Devices, a commercial distributed computing company that focuses on CPU scavenging and enterprise cluster management
  • United Distillers, a whiskey holding company
  • Upper Deck, a manufacturer of collectibles and trading cards
  • Hex'Air (IATA airline designator)

In entertainment:

  • Oud, a Middle Eastern musical instrument
  • Urban Dead, a massively multi-player online role-playing game
  • Undead, particularly in the Warcraft universe

Other uses:

  • Ulster Defence Regiment Medal, a UK military medal
  • Unanimous decision, usually referring to combat sport victories
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a declaration adopted by the United Nations General Assembly
  • Urban Dictionary, an online reference for slang terminology
  • Utenriksdepartementet, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Utrikesdepartementet, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs