UCV Television

Corporación de Televisión de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, UCV Television, is the oldest TV channel of Chile. Founded in 1957 (October 5th), it currently airs in Santiago on channel 5. Its headquarters are in Viña del Mar, Chile where it broadcasts on channel 4 VHF. Also it owns VHF stations in La Serena (9), Puerto Montt (8) and Cohaique (3). Additionally it covers all of Chile through its satellite signal (Intelsat 1R).

Although the station belongs to the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso Pontifical University, its income is totally derived from sponsors and advertising.

It airs news (four live broadcasts a day), TV comedies (Journeyman, My Name is Earl, Bones, Scrubs, American Dad, Saving Grace), drama: (24, Lost), and World Wrestling Entertainment flagship show WWE Raw, documentaries, infomercials and some low budget entertainment TV shows. Recently it entered into an alliance with Canal 13, re-airing some of Canal 13's produced children's programming like Villa Dulce and others.

It is best known for children's programming El Mundo del Profesor Rossa 1981-1984, Pipiripao 1983-2008, Enetenetu, Pequelandia and others), music video programs (re-airing old Midnight Special shows from 1974-1978, OK 1992-1996, El Galpón 2000-2002), and sports commentary (Show de Goles 1975-2000).

For many years UCV Television had a second signal in La Serena called Canal 8 UCV TV, now operating on channel 9.

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