Two Years Before The Mast - Legacy


With the onset of the 1849 California Gold Rush, Dana's book was one of the few books in existence that described California, adding greatly to the book's readership as well as Dana's renown and legacy. When he returned to San Francisco in 1869 he was treated as a minor celebrity. To this day the book is regarded as a valuable historical resource describing 1830s California.

The geographic headland he wrote of, and the adjacent city, are named Dana Point for him.

There are schools named for him in Southern California, including:

  • Richard Henry Dana Elementary School in Dana Point (R.H. Dana )
  • Dana Middle School (San Diego)
  • Richard Henry Dana Middle School (Arcadia)
  • and Richard Henry Dana Middle Schools in San Pedro (formerly Richard Henry Dana Junior High) and R.H. Dana Middle School in Hawthorne

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