Tune may refer to:

  • A melody
  • A tune-family
  • To tune an instrument (Musical tuning)
  • To tune a radio (Radio tuning)
  • To tune a car (Car tuning)
  • To tune an engine (Engine tuning)
  • A tune (folk music), a short piece of instrumental music, usually with repeating sections, and often played a number of times
  • British slang term, often said when referring to a piece of music that is enjoyed
  • Tune, a village in Denmark
  • Tune, a village in Norway
  • Tune ship, a museum exhibition in Norway
  • Tune Ventures, Malaysian investment company
  • Tune, a Japanese fashion magazine

Famous quotes containing the word tune:

    When Western people train the mind, the focus is generally on the left hemisphere of the cortex, which is the portion of the brain that is concerned with words and numbers. We enhance the logical, bounded, linear functions of the mind. In the East, exercises of this sort are for the purpose of getting in tune with the unconscious—to get rid of boundaries, not to create them.
    Edward T. Hall (b. 1914)

    The barge she sat in, like a burnished throne
    Burned on the water. The poop was beaten gold;
    Purple the sails, and so perfumed that
    The winds were love-sick with them. The oars were silver,
    Which to the tune of flutes kept stroke, and made
    The water which they beat to follow faster,
    As amorous of their strokes.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)