TSN may refer to:

  • ImagiNation Network (aka The Sierra Network), an early online multiplayer gaming system
  • The Science Network, a non-profit, web-based organization concerned with science and its impact on society
  • The Social Network, a 2010 drama film about the founding of the Internet social networking website Facebook
  • Sporting News (previously The Sporting News), an American-based sports magazine
  • The Sports Network, a Canadian English-language cable television specialty channel
  • Taxonomic serial number, a stable and unique taxonomic serial number issued by the Integrated Taxonomic Information System
  • Texas State Network, an all-news radio network available for stations in the state of Texas
  • Tianjin Binhai International Airport (IATA code: TSN), an airport located east of Tianjin, in Dongli District
  • Translin, gene for a human protein that cleaves DNA and RNA strands
  • Tswana language (ISO 639-2/-3 codes: TSN), a language of Southern Africa, spoken by more than 4 million people and written in the Latin alphabet
  • Tyson Foods (NYSE code: TSN), an American multinational corporation