True Jesus Church in Taiwan

True Jesus Church In Taiwan

The True Jesus Church is a nontrinitarian Christian denomination began in China, growing out of the Pentecostal movement. Since its foundation it has spread to other countries including Taiwan.

During the Japanese occupation period, several Taiwanese Christians accepted the True Jesus Church gospel in Fujian province, China and quickly decided to preach the good news back in Taiwan before it was too late. Hence in the autumn of 1925, the Chinese TJC members Barnabas Zhang, Thomas Kuo, Luke Gao, Yuan-qian Chen along with Taiwanese TJC members Daoyuan Wu, Qinglong Wang, Elisha and Gideon Huang boarded boarded a ship from Xiamen to Taiwan.

When the ship reached the port of Keelung harbour, the coast guards came to inspect the ship and, hearing that they were TJC members, they were very glad. There were also journalists who arrived to inquire of their planned schedules. They also visited the Office of the Governor-General of Taiwan to explain the essential teachings and the origins of the TJC. They replied,

"According to the Constitution, there is freedom of religion. As long as it is not contrary to the laws of the land, the Government officers cannot interfere. You teach people to do good and this is beneficial to the hearts of mankind, therefore we should make it our responsibility to protect you. However, since this is your first time to Taiwan, many people do not yet understand the aims and purposes of this church, therefore please be careful to avoid arousing any misunderstandings."

Then they boarded a train and headed south where the party decided split into two groups with one heading to Changhua and the other heading to Tainan.

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