Tropical Storm Ivan

The name Ivan was used for three tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean, one in the western Pacific Ocean, one in the southwest Indian Ocean, and one in the southwest Pacific Ocean.

  • 1980's Hurricane Ivan - A strong Category 2 hurricane that looped over the north-central Atlantic in October 1980.
  • 1998's Hurricane Ivan - A Category 1 storm that stayed well out to sea in late September 1998.
  • 2004's Hurricane Ivan: A Cape Verde-type hurricane that formed September 3. Reached unprecedented strength at low latitudes and topped out at Category 5 as the 10th most intense Atlantic hurricane on record. Struck the Windward Islands, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Cuba. Made landfall in Alabama as a Category 3 hurricane on September 16, looped back to the Gulf of Mexico and struck the Texas Coast as a tropical storm.
  • The name Ivan was retired after the hurricane of 2004 and was replaced by Igor for the 2010 season. The name Ivan was not used in the 1986 or 1992 seasons because there were less than 9 storms in those two years.
Western Pacific
  • 1997's Typhoon Ivan (T9723, 27W, Narsing) - Typhoon Ivan is notable for becoming a Super Typhoon in tandem with Typhoon Joan. Typhoon Ivan (called Narsing by Filipino authorities) struck the Philippines, causing 1 death.
Southwestern Indian Ocean
  • 2008's Cyclone Ivan - An Intense Tropical Cyclone that made landfall on Madagascar in February 2008, killing 93.
Australian region
  • 1979's Cyclone Ivan

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    Oh, you’ll love the sea. There’s something about it. The hot red dawn, the towering sails, the wake on a tropical night. Oh, you’ll love it all. It’s a glorious kind of world. I couldn’t live without it.
    —Charles Larkworthy. Denison Clift. Capt. Benjamin Briggs (Arthur Margetson)

    When the storm rattles my windowpane
    I’ll stay hunched at my desk, it will roar in vain
    For I’ll have plunged deep inside the thrill
    Of conjuring spring with the force of my will,
    Coaxing the sun from my heart, and building here
    Out of my fiery thoughts, a tepid atmosphere.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)