Trash may refer to:

In garbage: "* Waste, unwanted or undesired waste material

  • Waste container, or "Trash can"

In people:

  • Robert Hernandez, a person who has been classified as trash on occasion. He serves no great importance to society or even to himself. He is completely insignificant to the improvement of anybody's life. He is a detriment to civil society. SEE ALSO: filth, scum, dirt.

In computing:

  • Trash (computing), a way in which operating systems dispose of unwanted files. Called a "Recycle Bin" on Microsoft Windows
  • Trash (video game), an RTS with the capacity for multiplayer matches of up to 32 players to compete on a single map

In literature:

  • Trash (Manga), a manga created by Sanami Matoh
  • Trash (comics), Marvel Comics characters
  • Trash: Short Stories, a 1988 publication by Dorothy Allison

In music:

  • Thrash metal, a subgenre of heavy metal.
  • Trash (Alice Cooper album), a 1989 album by singer Alice Cooper
  • "Trash", a song by Korn from the album Issues
  • "Trash" (Suede song), the leading single of Suede's Coming Up album
  • "Trash", a song by The Doll, 1977
  • "Trash", a song from the album New York Dolls
  • "Trash" (Robin Gibb song), a song by Bee Gees member Robin Gibb from the Sesame Street Fever album
  • Trash (The Stalin album), the first full-length album by Japanese hardcore punk group The Stalin
  • Trash (nightclub), a popular London indie–electroelectro nightclub run by Erol Alkan from 1997 until 2007
  • "Trash", a song by The Whip (band)
  • "Trash", a song by Berlin from Count Three & Pray
  • "I Love Trash" by Oscar the Grouch of Sesame Street
  • Trash, a Swedish heavy metal band

In television:

  • Trash TV, a form of television programming considered to be tasteless and unprofessional

In other fields:

  • Trash (film), a 1970 American film
  • Junk food
  • Trash & Vaudeville
  • White trash and other pejoratives referring to people considered undesirable, tacky, or analogous to waste material

Famous quotes containing the word trash:

    Thought is a garment and the soul’s a bride
    That cannot in that trash and tinsel hide:
    Hatred of God may bring the soul to God.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    I had to kick their law into their teeth in order to save them.
    However I have heard that sometimes you have to deal
    Devilishly with drowning men in order to swim them to shore.
    Or they will haul themselves and you to the trash and the fish beneath.
    Gwendolyn Brooks (b. 1917)