Transverse may refer to:

  • Transverse City, a 1989 album by Warren Zevon
  • Transverse engine, an engine in which the crankshaft is oriented side-to-side relative to the wheels of the vehicle
  • Transverse flute, a flute that is held horizontally
  • Transverse mass, a particle physics quantity
  • Transverse plane, the plane orthogonal to the anteroposterior or oral-aboral axis
  • Transverse rotors, a type of rotorcraft in which there are two rotors mounted side by side
  • Transverse wave, a wave that causes a disturbance in the medium perpendicular to the direction it advances
  • Transversality theorem, a concept related to the intersection of manifolds in topology
  • Transversality (mathematics), a notion in mathematics
  • Transverse Island, an island on the east side of Stefansson Bay, off the coast of Enderby Land