Transport in Qatar

Transport In Qatar

In 2002, the Qatari government launched Mowasalat, a company 100% owned by the Royal family, managed and operated by the state authorities to ensure the smooth provision of "integrated ground transport services" for the entire country with a growing population of more than 1,400,000 people. Previously, 3,000 privately-owned orange taxis used to rule the streets of Qatar but the government took them off the roads as they saw them as a threat to the new Mowasalat taxis. There has been much controversy over this move, as it is now very hard to find a taxi in Doha.

Public buses now service over 35 routes covering most locations of Doha with minimal fares making public transport in Qatar a thrifty solution to the problems of rush hours and parking difficulties.

Presently, Mowasalat, under the brand-name 'Karwa', now operates more than 3,000 new and well-maintained taxi sedans including the recently acquired airport taxis with spacious cabins using the 2007 Ford Freestars, and more than 120 public buses, school buses and private-hire coaches. In 2009, the Mowasalat created a world record for the largest parade of buses numbering 300 in all. In addition, its Doha Limousine Service has 100 standard (unbranded, no Karwa logo) limousines and 200 (Jaguar XJ) VIP units that are mostly placed at the Doha International Airport and at major hotels.

However, those who are with no own transportation still face difficulties to move around since the number of taxis are much less compared to the actual need of the increased population. All the line buses operate only through the assigned specific lines based to the Central Bus Stations at Al-Ghanem area of the old city.

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