Transit City

Transit City was a plan for developing public transport in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was first proposed and announced by then-Toronto Mayor David Miller and Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Adam Giambrone on March 16, 2007. The plan called for the construction of seven new light rail lines along the streets of seven priority transit corridors, which will eventually be integrated with existing rapid transit, streetcar, and bus routes. Other transit improvements outlined in the plan included upgrading and extending the Scarborough RT line, implementing new bus rapid transit lines, and improving frequency and timing of 21 key bus routes. The plan integrated public transportation objectives outlined in the City of Toronto Official Plan, the TTC Ridership Growth Strategy and Miller's 2006 election platform.

Since the official announcement of the plan, preliminary engineering work and environmental impact assessments were done for the construction of the light rail lines. Public meetings have been held to generate community discussion. The plan was initially reported to be funded by both municipal and provincial levels of government. However, as the Government of Ontario later decided to postpone a portion of its capital funding to Transit City, which met with much public and political controversy, construction plans were changed causing longer delays in construction start dates. Construction of one of the lines began in December 2009.

On December 1, 2010, Rob Ford, who was elected mayor in the 2010 municipal election, took office saying that the first job of the new transit commission to be appointed on December 8 would be to "stop spending money on a project we don't need anymore". Ford campaigned on a platform proposing expansion of the subway system, instead of implementing light rail lines. Ford acknowledged that he will need council's support to put an end to Transit City. In early 2012, Toronto City Council voted in favour of motions to resume work on the Sheppard, Eglinton and Finch LRT lines, as well as replacing the Scarborough RT, defeating Rob Ford's campaign for subways. The master agreement for these lines was signed on November 28, 2012. While these projects were originally proposed under Transit City, they are now part of Metrolinx's implementation of The Big Move regional transportation plan.

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