Tracey Ullman in The Trailer Tales

Tracey Ullman in the Trailer Tales is a 2003 HBO comedy special starring comedienne Tracey Ullman, a spin-off from Ullman's sketch series, Tracey Takes On....

The special, which was originally intended to be a pilot episode, spotlighted just one of Ullman's characters, Ruby Romaine, a Hollywood make-up artist, in her seventies. Ruby recounts tales of old and present Hollywood in her make-up trailer, as she makes up celebrities on a film set. She also reveals tales about her family, and her home life, which includes her son, Buddy, and her pig, Oinky. The celebrity in Ruby's chair is actress, Debbie Reynolds.

The main Ruby recount, is the story about her retirement from the make-up industry, and the events that followed, including her decision to return to the business.

While the special's main focus is Ruby Romaine, Ullman also plays two additional characters. One, Ruby's Russian prostitute neighbor, Svetlana. The second, Pepper Kane, an African-American former-actress-turned-manager to her rapper grandson, Slurr-P. Pepper is a woman who as a young girl, Ruby did make-up on to make her look Caucasian.

The working title for the project was, Ruby Romaine, Trailer Trash. This was Ullman's directorial debut (aside from directing second unit during the fourth season of her series Tracey Takes On...).

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