Toyota Vista

The Toyota Vista is a compact car launched in 1982 as a sister nameplate to the Camry by Toyota in Japan. The name was introduced to tie in with the Toyota Vista Store dealership network, and launched around the same time. Unlike the Camry, which from 1988 was available with a V6 engine, all generations were only available with a straight-four engine that used either gasoline or diesel fuel.

Each Vista model is essentially a Japanese-market Toyota Camry, with different front- and rear-end treatment; plus, while the Camry has always been a sedan, with exception to the first generation available also as a hatchback, most Vistas up to the V40 series are hardtops. The Camry is also exclusive to Toyota's Japanese dealership sales channel Toyota Corolla Store, as the first Camry was a development from the Toyota Celica, also only available at the Corolla dealership. When the Camry was redesigned, so was the Vista. This pattern continued until late 1996, when a new, larger, "global" Camry took over the "Camry" name. Prior to 1996, this larger CX/CV platform was marketed in Japan as the Scepter (MCV10) and Camry Gracia (MCV20/MCX20). Then in August 1998 the last generation Vista would be redesigned, independent of the Camry. The Vista is a popular used import in Ireland, as it is generally a favourite with taxi drivers.

The Vista was replaced by the Toyota Avensis in Japan when the Vista Store was renamed as Toyota Netz in 2004.

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