Toyota Corolla (E80) - Japan


The 1.3 litre 2A engine was replaced by the more modern 12-valve 2E engine along with a May 1985 facelift. The range began with the 1300 Custom DX and ended with the 1600 GT Limited, introduced in June 1986. The FX hatchback lineup was considered a semi-separate line and received a different nose and different equipment levels than its sedan and liftback counterparts. The 1.3 was not available in the FX, targeted at sportier buyers, until the 2E engine became available.

Japanese market engines:

  • 2A-LU — 1.3 L I4, 8-valve SOHC, carb, 75 PS (55 kW) (AE80)
  • 2E-LU — 1.3 L (1,295 cc) I4, 12-valve SOHC, carb (EE80)
  • 3A-LU — 1.5 L (1,452 cc) I4, 8-valve SOHC, carb, transverse mount, 83 PS (61 kW) (AE81)
  • 3A-U — 1.5 L (1,452 cc) I4, 8-valve SOHC, carb, 83 PS (61 kW) (AE85, RWD)
  • 4A-ELU — 1.6 L (1,587 cc) I4, 8-valve SOHC, EFI, 100 PS (74 kW) (AE82)
  • 4A-GELU — 1.6 L (1,587 cc) I4, 16-valve DOHC, EFI, 130 PS (96 kW) (AE82)
  • 4A-GEU — 1.6 L (1,587 cc) I4, 16-valve DOHC, EFI, 130 PS (96 kW) (AE86, RWD)
  • 1C-L — 1.8 L (1,839 cc) I4, diesel, Mechanical Injection (CE80)

Japanese market chassis:

  • AE81 — FWD, 3A-LU engine, 4-door sedan (DX, GL, SE), 5-door liftback (SX), 3/5-door hatchback (Corolla FX)
  • AE85 — RWD, 3A-U engine, 2-door coupé (Levin SE, Levin GL), 3-door liftback (Levin SR)
  • AE86 — RWD, 4A-GEU engine, 2-door coupé (Levin GT, Levin GT-APEX), 3-door liftback (Levin GT, Levin GT-APEX)

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