Toybox Records - Catalog


Cat. Num. Band Release Date Format
TBX 001 Various Artists It's a Florida Thing w/ Bloodlet, Spring, Timescape Zero, Lazy Suzan, Failure Face & Sweet Pickles 1992 7"
TBX 002 Various Artists 3-Way Split w/ Spoke, Less Than Jake, Bombshell 1993 7"
TBX 003 Less Than Jake Pez Kings 1994 7"
TBX 004 Various Artists When Puberty Strikes / Vanbuilderass 7"
TBX 005 Various Artists Attaining The Supreme CD
TBX 006 Hot Water Music Eating the Filler 7"
TBX 007 Andromeda s/t 7"
TBX 008 Grade ...And Such Is Progress LP
TBX 009 Dragbody s/t 7"
TBX 010 Alpha Jerk s/t CD
TBX 011
TBX 012 Integrity ... And For Those Who Still Fear Tomorrow 1996 LP
TBX 013 Various Artists Culture / Kindred "Mike Warden Can Suck It" Never Released LP
TBX 014 Hot Water Music Finding the rhythm CD
TBX 015 Hot Water Music Fuel For The Hate Game CD/LP
TBX 016 Ascension The Years of Fire CD/10"
TBX 017
TBX 018
TBX 019 Ascension Abomination CD/LP

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