Tora No Shi

Tora No Shi is an antagonistic character from the Top Cow Productions comic book titled Witchblade. The character has been an assassin through the titles 10 year run. Tora No Shi has been the rival and fought both Jackie Estacado and Ian Nottingham. He has also battled and come up short against both foes. During his tenure in the book Tora No Shi has also become the manservant/bodyguard of Kenneth Irons. He is nicknamed "Tiger of Death" (a minor translation error - "Tora no Shi" literally means "Death of tiger").

Tora practices the art of deception. This is what separates him from some of the other characters in the Witchblade book is that Tora is extremely ruthless. A self-proclaimed man of honor, Tora No Shi does nothing to show support of this virtue. And that is what separates him from Ian Notthingham. They are both assassins, but Ian can be described as a killer while Tora is simply a murderer. Ian Notthingham fights for a reason and for a cause, Tora No Shi is a mercenary who fights for the highest bidder or something that will satisfy his own needs.

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