Top Lista Nadrealista

Top lista nadrealista (trans. The Surrealists' Top Chart or The Surrealists' Hit Parade) also known as Nadrealisti (Surrealists) was a sketch comedy and variety television show airing on TV Sarajevo in three separate installments from 1984 until 1991. It originated from a 15-minute radio comedy segment that was broadcast as part of Primus programme on Radio Sarajevo's channel two during early 1980s.

After establishing a core audience locally on radio in the city of Sarajevo, Top lista nadrealista started airing as television sketch series. Two more series of shows on television followed that, in the process, made household names of its protagonists all over SFR Yugoslavia, helping launch successful television, film, and music careers for some of them (most notably Nele Karajlić and Branko "Đuro" Đurić).

'Top lista nadrealista' started in 1979 as a segment on radio host Boro Kontić's weekly programme called Primus (Priče i muzika subotom) on Radio Sarajevo. Conceptualized by Kontić as a radio showcase opportunity for young talents in the area of media communications, the segment went through a number of youths in its first two years before the 1981 arrival of a teenage group of friends from Sarajevo's Koševo neighbourhood who were already involved with various forms of artistic expression. With the arrival of Koševo kids led by Nele Karajlić and Zenit Đozić, the segment assumed a more comedic tone, quickly achieving wider popularity and expanding its listenership around the city. By 1984, the radio segment got made into a TV sketch series on TV Sarajevo.

The show initially stayed away from politics entirely, mostly relying on youthful improv for laughs. Towards the late 1980s and early 1990s, in the second and third series, respectively, during which it achieved some of its most effective and memorable sketches, Top lista nadrealista incorporated political satire along with cogent depictions of mentality of the people's of SFR Yugoslavia. The show became so popular that even the language and phrases used in sketches entered public vernacular (see Hrkljuš). In the late 1980s and early 1990s, many sketches dealt with current political situation which was a prelude to Yugoslav Wars. Certain sketches proved to be prophetic, as they portrayed things like the city of Sarajevo being divided between different republics, a single family split into two clans and warring over control of rooms in their apartment, UN peacekeeping force's adding fuel to the conflict, etc.

Nadrealisti held a clear pacifist posture, often using absurdity to describe the imminent war, e.g. warning that "peace may break out and ruin Bosnian harmonious war" or giving alarming instructions on how the public should act in case of "peace".

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