Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship - Title History

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Dick Togo 1 August 25, 2002 Sendai, Japan
Atlantis 1 August 26, 2003 Sapporo, Japan
The Great Sasuke 1 March 28, 2004 Sendai, Japan
TAKA Michinoku 1 February 19, 2005 Iwate, Japan
Vacated March 7, 2006
Kagetora 1 March 19, 2006 Yahaba, Japan
Vacated March 19, 2006 Yahaba, Japan
Takeshi Minamino 1 April 23, 2006 Sendai, Japan
Super Delfin 1 May 21, 2006 Osaka, Japan
The Great Sasuke 2 October 8, 2006 Morioka, Japan
GAINA 1 November 19, 2006 Niigata, Japan
Yoshitsune 1 November 9, 2007 Yamagata, Japan
Fujita "Jr" Hayato 1 December 12, 2008 Tokyo, Japan
Kenou 1 September 5, 2009 Yahaba, Japan
The Great Sasuke 3 November 7, 2010 Iwate, Japan
Rui Hyugaji 1 May 8, 2011 Yahaba, Japan
Kenou 2 November 5, 2011 Yahaba, Japan
Fujita "Jr" Hayato 2 June 3, 2012 Tokyo, Japan

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