Tissue may refer to:

  • Tissue (biology), a group of biological cells that perform a similar function
  • Tissue (moth), the geometer moth, Triphosa dubitata
  • Tissue paper, a type of thin, translucent paper used for wrapping and cushioning items
    • Facial tissue, a type of thin, soft, disposable paper used for nose-blowing
    • Wrapping tissue
    • Japanese tissue
  • Aerial tissue, an acrobatic art form and one of the circus arts

Famous quotes containing the word tissue:

    Whether or not his newspaper and a set of senses reduced to five are the main sources of the so-called “real life” of the so- called average man, one thing is fortunately certain: namely, that the average man himself is but a piece of fiction, a tissue of statistics.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)