Timeline of Portuguese History (Second Dynasty) - Second Dynasty: Aviz - 15th Century

15th Century

  • 1415 – João I conquers the city of Ceuta in northern Africa
  • 1419 – Madeira Islands discovered by João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira.
  • 1427 – Azores Islands discovered by Diogo Silves.
  • 1433 – Duarte of Portugal becomes king.
  • 1434 – Gil Eanes crosses the Bojador Cape: exploration of the African coast begins.
  • 1438 – Afonso V of Portugal becomes king.
  • 1444/1460 – discovery and settling of Cape Verde islands.
  • 1481 – João II of Portugal becomes king.
  • 1483 – João II executes Fernando, the third Duke of Braganza, and Diogo, the Duke of Viseu, putting an end to high nobility conspiracies.
  • 1484 – Diogo Cão discovers the Congo river.
  • 1491 – Bartolomeu Dias becomes the first European captain to cross the Cape of Good Hope.
  • 1494 – The Treaty of Tordesillas signed between Spain and Portugal, dividing the colonisable world in two halves.
  • 1495 – Manuel I of Portugal becomes king.
  • 1498 – Vasco da Gama reaches India through navigation around Africa.

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