Thompson - Places


In Bulgaria:

  • Thompson, Bulgaria, a village in Sofia Province

In Canada:

  • Thompson, Manitoba
  • Thompson (Manitoba riding), an electoral district in the above location
  • Thompson River, a river in British Columbia
    • Thompson Country, a region within the basin of the Thompson River
    • Thompson Plateau, a landform in the Interior of British Columbia named for the Thompson River
    • Thompson-Nicola Regional District, a regional district in British Columbia
  • Thompson Sound, a sound in the area of the Broughton Archipelago
  • Thompson Sound, British Columbia, an unincorporated locality at Thompson Sound
  • Thompson Station, Nova Scotia

In Chile:

  • Thompson Island (Chile), a small island in the south

In England:

  • Thompson, Norfolk

In the United States of America:

  • Thompson, California
  • Thompson, Connecticut
  • Thompson, Iowa
  • Thompson, New York
  • Thompson, Alamance County, North Carolina
  • Thompson, Robeson County, North Carolina
  • Thompson, North Dakota
  • Thompson, Pennsylvania
  • Thompson, Wisconsin
  • Thompson Island (Massachusetts), an island in Boston Harbor
  • Thompson Township (disambiguation)

South Atlantic

  • Thompson Island (South Atlantic)

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