Thin Film Solar Cell

Thin Film Solar Cell

A thin-film solar cell (TFSC), also called a thin-film photovoltaic cell (TFPV), is a solar cell that is made by depositing one or more thin layers (thin film) of photovoltaic material on a substrate. The thickness range of such a layer is wide and varies from a few nanometers to tens of micrometers.

Many different photovoltaic materials are deposited with various deposition methods on a variety of substrates. Thin-film solar cells are usually categorized according to the photovoltaic material used:

  • Amorphous silicon (a-Si) and other thin-film silicon (TF-Si)
  • Cadmium telluride (CdTe)
  • Copper indium gallium selenide (CIS or CIGS)
  • Dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) and other organic solar cells

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Possible combinations of Group-(XI, XIII, XVI)
elements in the periodic table that yield
a compound showing photovoltaic effect
(Cu, Ag, Au | Al, Ga, In | S, Se, Te).

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