Theology of Søren Kierkegaard - Selected Religious Works

Selected Religious Works

  • (1847) Edifying Discourses in Diverse Spirits
  • (1847) Works of Love
  • (1848) Christian Discourses
  • (1848) The Book on Adler
  • (1849) The Sickness Unto Death
  • (1850) Training in Christianity
  • (1851) For Self-Examination
  • (1851) Judge for Yourselves!

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    One of the duties which devolve upon women in the present interesting crisis, is to prepare themselves for more extensive usefulness, by making use of those religious and literary privileges and advantages that are within their reach, if they will only stretch out their hands and possess them.
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    They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters, these see the works of the Lord and his wonders in the deep.
    Bible: Hebrew Psalms 107:23-24.