The Ultimate Matrix Collection

The Ultimate Matrix Collection is a multi-format release featuring all the titles in the Matrix series, as well as several hours of special features, spread over 10 discs on standard-def DVD, 5 discs on HD DVD, and 7 discs on Blu-ray.

It was initially released by Warner Home Video on SD DVD on December 7, 2004. The HD DVD release followed on May 22, 2007, with the Blu-ray release happening after the BD format's victory in the HD DVD/BD format war on October 14, 2008 as well as the small version which removes documentaries and leaving only four movies as part of "4 Film Favorites".

The aim of the collection was to compile all three movies in the trilogy in one release, as well as The Animatrix, the feature length documentary The Matrix Revisited and many other extras that were not available on the three previous, separate releases.

A limited edition of The Ultimate Matrix Collection was also released on SD DVD, packaged in a transparent case and including an exclusive resin bust of Neo and 80-page booklet.

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