The Six Million Dollar Man - Cast


  • Steve Austin, the title character (played by Lee Majors)
  • Oscar Goldman, the Director of the OSI (played by Richard Anderson). In British paperback novelisations of the TV series, Oscar Goldman is named Oscar Gold.
  • Dr. Rudy Wells, Austin’s physician and primary overseer of the medical aspects of bionic technology (played by Martin Balsam (pilot only) /Alan Oppenheimer (seasons 1 and 2) /Martin E. Brooks (seasons 3-5, as well as on The Bionic Woman and in three movies). Due to the change in actor, in the 3rd Season premier, "The Return of the Bionic Woman", Wells undergoes an appearance change between Jaime Sommers' death and a desperate plea for revival only minutes later.
  • Jaime Sommers played by Lindsay Wagner—recurring
  • Peggy Callahan, secretary to Oscar Goldman—recurring (played by Jennifer Darling)
  • Oliver Spencer, Director of the OSO; in the pilot only (played by Darren McGavin)

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