The Paul Mc Cartney World Tour

The Paul Mc Cartney World Tour

The Paul McCartney World Tour was a worldwide concert tour by Paul McCartney during 1989 and 1990. It was McCartney's first major tour outing in ten years, since Wings UK Tour 1979, and his first appearances in North America in thirteen years, since the 1976 Wings Over America Tour. It was also his first tour under his name.

While the tour coincided with the release of his Flowers in the Dirt album, it was thematically more about his finally embracing his Beatles past, including for the first time, in any of his tours, a substantial number of Beatles songs in the set list.

The tour was documented by the 1990 live albums Tripping the Live Fantastic, Tripping the Live Fantastic: Highlights!, and the 1991 film Get Back. A one-hour tour documentary was also aired on Channel 4 TV in the UK, called "From Rio to Liverpool"

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