The Metro School - Basics


Metro is a small learning community open to students in Franklin County, Ohio, run by Principal Aimee Kennedy. It is designed to serve students who want a learning experience that prepares them for the world through the belief that math, science and technology are vitally important. The Metro School is an experimental learning environment, so it can be challenging for the students, but students who have attended Metro seem to look better to colleges and have higher test scores than students at most alternative and public schools.

The Metro High School is operated by the Educational Council, a confederation of the 16 public school districts in Franklin County. Students attending Metro are concurrently enrolled in their home district and remain a part of the public school system in Franklin County. This means that the students of Metro are able to participate in events at their home high school while still completing coursework at the Metro school.

Metro is currently in its sixth year of operation and has switched from a trimester academic schedule to what mostly resembles a 4-1-4 system with a J-Term.

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