The Mask: The Animated Series - Spoofs To Other Comics

Spoofs To Other Comics

Villains as well as the Mask's transformations were often DC Comics parodies, such as Supermask and Super Salad Man (a parody of Superman). Some Marvel references were made too, like The Mask becoming Biclops (a parody of Cyclops), Spiderhyny (alias Spider-Man), Green Surfer (alias Silver Surfer) and Toolverine (a parody of Wolverine), and a villain that turned into a dinosaur like Sauron. Notable were Skillit (parody of Mr. Mxyzptlk and Peter Pan, albeit much more malevolent in nature), Buzz Stingman (who was transformed by mutant bees in a similar manner to Swarm) and Putty Thing (parody of the Batman: The Animated Series version of Clayface, portrayed as a dumb teenager rather than an angry, jaded actor).

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