The Hurdy Gurdy Man (EP)

The Hurdy Gurdy Man (EP)

The Hurdy Gurdy Man is the fourth studio EP by American alternative rock band Butthole Surfers, released in 1990.

The EP was named after its title track, "The Hurdy Gurdy Man," written by '60s pop star Donovan. All versions also included one original Surfers song, "Barking Dogs," and most versions also included a remix of "The Hurdy Gurdy Man."

Both songs were also part of 1991's piouhgd, marking the first time that songs from a Butthole Surfers EP were officially included on a later album. (The contents of Cream Corn from the Socket of Davis were included on CD editions of Rembrandt Pussyhorse in the U.S. and Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac in the U.K., but are not considered official parts of those albums.)

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