The Hugo Winners Volume Two - Volume 1

Volume 1

  • 1955: 13th Convention, Cleveland
    • 1–The Darfsteller by Walter M. Miller, Jr. (novelette)
    • 2–Allamagoosa by Eric Frank Russell (short story)
  • 1956: 14th Convention, New York
    • 3–Exploration Team By Murray Leinster (novelette)
    • 4–The Star by Arthur C. Clarke (short story)
  • 1958: 16th Convention, Los Angeles
    • 5–Or All the Seas with Oysters by Avram Davidson (short story)
  • 1959: 17th Convention, Detroit
    • 6–The Big Front Yard By Clifford D. Simak (novelette)
    • 7–That Hell-Bound Train by Robert Bloch (short story)
  • 1960: 18th Convention, Pittsburgh
    • 8–Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (short story)
  • 1961: 19th Convention, Seattle
    • 9–The Longest Voyage by Poul Anderson (short story)

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