The Herd (UK Band) - Band Members

Band Members

  • Louis Cennamo (bass, 1965-1966)
  • Terry Clark (vocals, rhythm guitar 1965-1966)
  • Tony Chapman (drums,1965-1966)
  • Mick Underwood (drums,1966) — born 1945, Middlesex
  • Andy Bown (keyboards,bass,vocals 1965-1969)— born Andrew Steven Bown, 27 March 1946, The City, London.
  • Gary Taylor (bass) — born Graham Taylor, 28 November 1947, Walton-on-Thames.
  • Peter Frampton (vocals,guitar 1966-1968) — born Peter Kenneth Frampton, 22 April 1950, Stone Park Hospital, Beckenham, Kent.
  • Andrew Steele (drums 1966-1968) — born Andrew Roy Malcolm Steele, 2 August 1941, Hendon, North West London — died 18 April 2005, Alaska, U.S.
  • Henry Spinetti (drums, replaced Steele in 1968,1968-1969) — born Henry Anthony George Spinetti, 31 March 1951, Cwm, South Wales.

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