The Great American Bash (2006) - Event


Before the live broadcast of the event began, Funaki defeated Simon Dean in a dark match.

The first match of the event was Paul London and Brian Kendrick versus The Pit Bulls (Jamie Noble and Kid Kash) for the WWE Tag Team Championship. London and Kendrick controlled most of the match, as they performed a variety of double-team maneuvers. Kendrick pinned Noble with a sunset flip to win the match and retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.

The next match saw Finlay defend the WWE United States Championship against William Regal. Prior to the match, General Manager Theodore Long announced that Bobby Lashley, who was previously scheduled to be in the match, could not compete due to elevated enzymes in his liver. Finlay had the advantage throughout the match, as The Little Bastard attacked Regal numerous times. Finlay pinned Regal after hitting him with Regal's boot, which had been taken off by the Little Bastard, to win the match.

The third match was Gregory Helms versus Matt Hardy. The match went back and forth, as each man was able to gain the advantage. In the end, Helms pinned Hardy while holding onto his tights to win.

The match that followed was The Big Show versus The Undertaker in the first-ever Punjabi Prison match. Big Show had replaced Undertaker's original opponent, The Great Khali, because Khali was unable to compete due to elevated enzymes in his liver. On-screen, General Manager Theodore Long put Big Show in the match instead of Khali for attacking Undertaker backstage. In order to win the match, one must escape both the inner and outer bamboo structures. Both Big Show and Undertaker managed to escape the inner structure. While fighting in the space between the two structures, Big Show threw Undertaker through the outer. Undertaker's feet hit the floor first, therefore being declared the winner.

The following match was a Fatal Four-Way Bra and Panties match between Ashley Massaro, Kristal Marshall, Jillian Hall, and Michelle McCool. The objective of the match was to strip each of the other competitors down to their undergarments. Massaro won the match after last stripping Kristal of her top.

The sixth match was between Batista and Mr. Kennedy. During the match, Batista slammed Kennedy's head into the steel ring steps, which cut Kennedy and exposed his cranium. Kennedy won the match after Batista was disqualified for failing to release a choke he had applied on Kennedy. After the match, Kennedy had to get twenty stitches to close the cuts he received during the match.

Next was the main event, which saw Rey Mysterio defend the World Heavyweight Championship against King Booker. Towards the end of the match, Chavo Guerrero came out to supposedly help Mysterio. As Guerrero looked to hit Booker with a steel chair, he turned on Mysterio and hit him instead. Booker pinned Mysterio afterwards to win the match and begin his first reign as World Heavyweight Champion.

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