The Essential Electric Light Orchestra

The Essential Electric Light Orchestra was originally a single CD, US-only compilation album by the Electric Light Orchestra, released in 2003. It is part of Sony Music's The Essential series.

An eco-friendly repackage of this album called Playlist: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra, released on 2 September 2008, includes a multimedia section on the CD with photos, credits and two new wallpapers.

The original artwork has been re-jigged, there will now be two different covers. The US and Australian releases will share the same design whilst the rest of the world will feature the other for an October 2011 2 CD worldwide release. This will be the third ELO compilation that presents a chronological run-through of ELO's singles/songs, it was preceded by USA compilations Olé ELO in 1976 and Strange Magic: The Best of Electric Light Orchestra in 1995.

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