The Daily Buzz

The Daily Buzz (also branded as "theDBZ") is a nationally-syndicated breakfast television news and infotainment program. The show is produced by Fisher Communications and is owned and distributed by ACME Communications; it is broadcast every weekday morning from studios at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. The show caters to a younger-skewing audience demographic and has a more informal atmosphere in comparison to its morning counterparts.

Premiering on 10 stations on September 16, 2002, The Daily Buzz is currently carried on stations in 175 U.S. television markets (encompassing 60% of American television homes). It is included in The CW Plus program service, which accounts for 103 of the show's 175 affiliates; the remainder comes from various larger-market stations affiliated with networks other than the Big 3 (such as The CW, MyNetworkTV, Fox or MeTV). Some stations that carry the show only broadcast a portion of the program (usually these stations air a morning newscast produced by another station in the market, preempting the first hour of the national show).

Starting September 17, 2012 the program was reduced from three hours to two in most markets.

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