The Consumer Goods

The Consumer Goods are a Canadian indie rock/pop band originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their wickedly incisive and politically charged music has earned both praise and contempt, but rarely disinterest. Between 2005 and 2010, they released three records and scored two significant ‘hits’ including “…Sam Katz,” a polemic against Winnipeg’s mayor that went into heavy rotation on local radio, much to Sam Katz’s embarrassment, and “Hockey Night in Afghanada,” an anthemic call for the separation of hockey and war-mongering that "managed to thoroughly embarrass the folks at CBC Sports when they submitted the song to CBC’s contest to replace the Hockey Night In Canada Theme." The band also toured Canada extensively, graced the cover of Uptown Magazine, charted in over 50 independent radio stations in Canada and the US, were nominated for two awards (including one of CBC's annual listener-selected "Bucky Awards"), hit airwaves in Havana, Cuba, and made top-ten lists in the Netherlands. Principally powered by activist/teacher Tyler Shipley, the band is now based in Toronto and preparing a fourth record. They are often compared to other politically minded acts from Winnipeg, most notably The Weakerthans and Propagandhi. The Consumer Goods appear on the Winnipeg-based Grumpy Cloud Records.

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